We believe we have a responsibility to protect and enhance the quality of life for future generations. LAK Associates provides environmental assessment services for every type of public and private development project.

We approach environmental planning with a respect for the earth’s natural resources while focusing on creating a successful and sensitive relationship between the built environment and its surroundings.

LAK Associates often prepares comprehensive Initial Study documents in support of Negative Declarations or Mitigated Negative Declarations. We also provide environmental coordination expertise including management of the various technical consultants needed to prepare comprehensive environmental review documents including Environmental Impact Reports (EIR).

One of our most notable environmental planning projects is the 1,800-acre Elsie Gridley Resource Conservation Bank in Solano County. Directly adjacent to the Jepson Prairie National Preserve, the mitigation bank will protect and preserve habitat for over 20 endangered species.  Working with the private landowner and Wetlands Resources, LLC, we consulted with multiple federal and state regulatory agencies to determine the baseline resources of the site and to ensure that the bank will function as intended.

For more information about LAK Associates and how we can help you with environmental assessments, contact us at info@lakassociates.com