CEQA Experience

LAK Associates has extensive experience preparing environmental impact assessment documents under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). CEQA has been a crucial component in California Planning and development ever since the Friends of Mammoth decision in 1972. Larry Kennings prepared one of the first environmental impact documents and Monoplan for Mammoth Lakes in 1973. Since that time, LAK Associates has been involved in numerous environmental impact studies for public and private clients throughout California.

LAK Associates often prepares comprehensive Initial Study documents in support of Negative and Mitigated Negative Declarations.

Recent projects are listed below:

Kaiser Permanente / 1650 Los Gamos Drive – 2018

LAK Associates was contracted by the City of San Rafael to manage a Zoning Amendment and Environmental Review for Kaiser Permanente’s proposed medical office building at Los Gamos Drive in north San Rafael.  Kaiser Permanente’s upgrade of an existing office building required the construction of a new three-level parking structure.  As contract staff, LAK coordinated project team meetings, prepared staff reports, and drafted the required GP and Zoning Amendments.  LAK was also the environmental consultant for the City and prepared the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the  project.  Issues of concern were specific to the increased vehicle trips associated with the use, visual impacts, and noise impacts.  LAK was retained by the City on a fixed contract. More information on the project can be found here: https://www.cityofsanrafael.org/kaiser-losgamos/

Napa County – Planning, Building, and Environmental Services – Initial Studies

LAK Associates has been working with Napa County PBES on a contract basis to manage planning applications and prepare Initial Studies for various projects requiring discretionary approval.  This includes several projects located in the Napa County Industrial Park area near the Napa County airport.  LAK has prepared several Initial Studies and accompanying staff reports for projects including the Kitoko Winery, New Life Community Church, Rombauer Vineyards Airport facility, Soscol Ferry Solar, and the Eagle Vines Wireless telecommunications facility for AT&T and Sprint.  Further information can be found here: https://www.countyofnapa.org/591/Current-Projects

Marin Montessori School – New Classroom Buildings / Initial Study – 2016 – 2017

LAK Associates served as contract planning staff to the Town of Corte Madera for the Marin Montessori School Use Permit and General Plan Amendment project.  The Marin Montessori School recently purchased an adjacent residential property in order to expand campus facilities including renovation of the existing single-family residence for classroom uses and the construction of a new classroom building on the main campus property. The project does not include increased enrollment or new employees but required a zone change and General Plan Amendment to convert the residential parcel to school uses.  As contract staff, LAK coordinated project team meetings, prepared staff reports, and managed the CEQA process for the City including the drafting of an Initial Study. LAK, drafted the required GP and Zoning Amendments and reviewed all the environmental documents for consistency with the City Code. Important environmental issues included traffic and circulation, and noise impacts.  LAK was retained by the City on a fixed contract.

 Good Earth / Fair-Anslem Initial Study, Fairfax, CA – 2011

LAK Associates was contracted by the Town of Fairfax to prepare an Initial Study for the Good Earth grocery chain’s renovation of the existing vacant Albertson’s store at the Fair-Anslem shopping center in Fairfax, CA. LAK, as contract planners for the Town, drafted the Initial Study and represented the Town at all the public hearings for the project. Environmental issues included aesthetics, traffic and circulation, air/noise/greenhouse gases, and hydrology impacts.

Truckee West River Site Feasibility Analysis: Initial Study, Truckee, CA – 2010

LAK Associates assisted BMS Design with the Initial Study for a feasibility analysis on a City-owned vacant property. The property had been previously used for a corporation yard and is currently undergoing remediation for hazardous wastes. LAK Associates drafted the Initial Study using the Town’s General Plan and Downtown Specific Plan as the basis for thresholds and impacts. Environmental issues included traffic and geologic engineering.

Marin General Hospital Expansion Project – 2012

From 2010 until 2012, LAK Associates  served as the environmental review coordinator for the Marin Hospital District’s EIR for the Marin General Hospital expansion project. Responsibilities included drafting the project description and assisting with the interview and management of the environmental consultant in charge of preparing the EIR.

For a full list of IS/MND documents prepared by LAK Associates, contact us at info@lakassociates.com.