California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

LAK Associates has extensive experience preparing environmental impact assessment documents under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

CEQA has been a crucial component in California planning and development ever since the Friends of Mammoth decision in 1972. Larry Kennings prepared one of the first environmental impact documents and the Monoplan for Mammoth Lakes in 1973. Since that time, LAK Associates has been involved in numerous environmental impact studies for a wide range of projects.

CEQA Projects:

Truckee West River Site Feasibility Analysis: Initial Study, Truckee, CA.

In 2010, LAK Associates published the Truckee West River Site Feasibility Analysis: Initial Study, Truckee, CA. LAK Associates assisted BMS Design with the Initial Study for a feasibility analysis on a City-owned vacant property. The property had been previously used for a corporation yard and is currently undergoing remediation for hazardous wastes. LAK Associates drafted the Initial Study using the Town’s General Plan and Downtown Specific Plan as the basis for thresholds and impacts. Environmental issues included traffic and geologic engineering.

Marin General Hospital expansion project

From 2010-2012, LAK also served as the environmental review coordinator for the Marin Hospital District’s EIR for the Marin General Hospital expansion project.

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Designing Planning Solutions that Benefit our Clients and the Environment

Since LAK Associates, LLC. was established in 2000, the planning firm has emerged as an expert in all aspects of planning, particularly within the complex planning environment of West Marin. Our understanding of multiple environmental regulations and governance issues in the region has allowed them to successfully complete large and small planning projects.

Hog Island Oyster Company with a Master Plan and Agriculture Plan

LAK is currently assisting the Hog Island Oyster Company with a Master Plan and Agriculture Plan for a 250 acre ranch adjacent to their main oyster farm location in Marshall, CA. The existing ranch would be redeveloped to feature dryland aquaculture and row crops for retail sales at their various locations. In addition, the ranch would utilize sustainable farming and ranching practices to incorporate all facets of farming and ranching including recycling aquaculture waste and sea salt for use in fertilizer and cheesemaking. The Master Plan would also include facilities for company operations and overnight facilities for educational and farm tour capabilities. LAK will oversee the project team and complicated project application process for a County of Marin coastal permit consistent with the California Coastal Commission.

Private client in Inverness, CA

LAK is also serving as project manager for a private client in Inverness, CA. The owners proposed to develop a new single family residence on the property while simultaneously preserving and rehabilitating three unique structures from the Handmade House movement. The six-acre property had been the homestead for a locally important visionary who hand crafted several cabins out of materials found on the property. The owners have meticulously prepared a land plan that preserves the uniqueness of the site while incorporating necessary requirements for fire and building safety while continuing to minimize the development impact on the site. As project manager, LAK is overseeing the project team, including several technical reports while facilitating the application process to meet the client’s objectives.

For these and other projects, LAK demonstrates their skill at navigating the complicated regulatory environment to design planning solutions that benefit our clients and the surrounding areas.

LAK Associates, LLC. is a land use planning consulting firm that specializes in the entitlement process and environmental review.

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