It is the mission of LAK Associates to create and facilitate plans and programs that are environmentally sensitive and socially and financially responsible. LAK Associates routinely manages projects from concept development, through the difficult entitlement and environmental review stages, and ultimately to approval hearings.

We are sensitive to our clients’ objectives for obtaining and maintaining a superior quality of life, and help facilitate their permitting process in the most efficient and expeditious manner possible. We strive to provide all our clients with an understanding of the most current planning practices as well as traditional fundamentals.

LAK Associates’ specific areas of expertise are:

    • Contract planning, including plan check and staff reports
    • Entitlements and project management
    • Environmental review, including Initial Studies and Mitigated Negative Declarations
    • Development and implementation of public involvement plans and programs
    • Graphic representation and GIS

To learn more about our specific areas of expertise, contact us at sean@lakassociates.com.