California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

LAK Associates has extensive experience preparing environmental impact assessment documents under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

CEQA has been a crucial component in California planning and development ever since the Friends of Mammoth decision in 1972. Larry Kennings prepared one of the first environmental impact documents and the Monoplan for Mammoth Lakes in 1973. Since that time, LAK Associates has been involved in numerous environmental impact studies for a wide range of projects.

CEQA Projects:

Truckee West River Site Feasibility Analysis: Initial Study, Truckee, CA.

In 2010, LAK Associates published the Truckee West River Site Feasibility Analysis: Initial Study, Truckee, CA. LAK Associates assisted BMS Design with the Initial Study for a feasibility analysis on a City-owned vacant property. The property had been previously used for a corporation yard and is currently undergoing remediation for hazardous wastes. LAK Associates drafted the Initial Study using the Town’s General Plan and Downtown Specific Plan as the basis for thresholds and impacts. Environmental issues included traffic and geologic engineering.

Marin General Hospital expansion project

From 2010-2012, LAK also served as the environmental review coordinator for the Marin Hospital District’s EIR for the Marin General Hospital expansion project.

For a full list of IS/MND documents prepared by LAK Associates, contact us at

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